Symbian Developer Library


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name build

A build where the resulting DLL export table indexes exported functions by name.

See also: DLL, export, DLL export table, ordinal build

narrow band protocols

A higher level grouping of components, which includes SMS and GSM messaging protocols.

national dialling code

The code that identifies the destination of an international call, e.g. UK=44, USA=1.

See also: international dialling prefix, national dialling prefix

national dialling prefix

The number/s removed from the local number when dialling in from another country. E.g., the 0 in front of all UK numbers is removed when dialling into the UK.

See also: international dialling prefix, national dialling code

network registration

Phones that are registered to a network can access its services.

new file capability

Allows documents belonging to an application to be created from the system screen as well as within the program.

See also: application capabilities, application information file

non-file-based application

An application that does not store any data in persistent storage. This means that when the application is closed, user data is lost. EPOC's calculator is an example.

See also: file-based application

nonprinting character

A special character, for example tabstop or paragraph break that is normally hidden and cannot be printed, but which can optionally be displayed.

non-thick shape

A line or fillable with an outline that is drawn only one pixel wide is a non-thick shape.

See also: thick shape, fillable

non-thick straight line

A straight line that is drawn only one pixel wide.

non-window-owning control

A CONE control which does not directly own a window. Typically, its extent covers only part of a window.

See also: control, window, extent, window-owning control

normal character

Any character in a character set, excluding non-alphabetic characters (such as the copyright symbol, or a block graphics symbol, for example).

See also: character

normal font

A standard font, 10-point Arial, created by CCoeEnv when it is constructed.


To exchange the co-ordinates of the top and bottom or left and right of a rectangle to ensure that the rectangle's width and height have values of zero or greater.

See also: rectangle

note effect

Style which indicates to Aleppo that the marked text must be preceded by the graphic or text for a note in the output database.

See also: important effect, tip effect, customisation file

nudge button

A button on the end of a scroll bar which can be pressed to move the current position.

See also: scroll bar