Symbian Developer Library


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Using the API Reference

The API Reference is organised as a single flat list ordered alphabetically by API name. Within each API topic, a reference page for each public API item is provided, organised alphabetically. Access by browsing top-down by API name.

The API Reference is intended to be comprehensive and exhaustive and evolves as the underlying OS evolves. This edition is current to Version 6.1, and substantially documents the public OS. Periodic updates will be made available through the DevNet.

Reference pages include Support information indicating the release in which API items were introduced (or in rare cases withdrawn) to help clarify compatibility issues, header file and library location, detailed derivation information, the essential reference information needed to understand and use the API item, and See Also links where relevant.

The Quick reference lists each API, its header file and library location, and provides a link to the full API reference documentation for that API.

APIs which are public and intended for use by developers but which are not documented in this edition of the Developer Library are listed as API Reference omissions in the Release Notes. Undocumented classes for each of these APIs are listed in the Detailed list of API reference omissions. Check the DevNet site for the latest Developer Library update.