Symbian Developer Library


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Using the Glossary and Indexes

Full Document Tree

The Index pages include a Tree Index showing the structure of the complete document set and locating every document within it. Use this index to identify the contents of complete topics at a glance and to navigate straight to documents of interest, and generally to find your way around the documentation structure.


Alphabetical Indexes

Seven separate alphabetical indexes provide direct navigation to key C++ API items organised by:

Classes, shows the derivation hierarchy for all documented classes;

Enumerations, listing all documented enumerations, whether defined inside or outside class scope;

Constants and flags, an exhaustive listing of all documented constants and flags whether inside or outside class scope. At this time, lists enumerated values only;

Non-member functions, identifying essential static functions;

Typedefs, showing all documented typedef names;

Preprocessor macros, which underpin many useful programming idioms.

There is also a flat index for all documented types in the OS.