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CustomControls: UI Control Framework example code

Found in: epoc32ex\AppFramework\UIControls\CustomControls


CustomControls demonstrates customised simple and compound UI Control Framework control classes. Compound controls are used as on-screen containers for other controls, either simple or compound. The custom controls are subclasses of the class CCoeControl, with implementations of its virtual functions for construction, drawing, and accepting user input.

Note that the CustomControls example has dependencies on GUI components that may not be present on all Symbian OS licensee SDKs.



When the application starts, it displays two smiling faces (smiley) controls. The mood of the smileys can be changed by selecting a smiley using the left/right keys or pointer, and pressing space/clicking. A dialog containing the smiley controls can be started from the application’s menu.


Class summary

All of the examples use the following classes: