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backed-up window

A window whose contents are backed up, so that the window never becomes invalid, and therefore never needs to be redrawn except at application request.

See also: redraw, invalid, window

background colour

The colour with which to fill the parts of the view rectangle in which text (and paragraph fill colour, if one has been set) cannot appear. Examples of such areas are below the last line of the document and in the label and line cursor margins. May also be used to fill the left text margin, if one has been set.

See also: text area, paragraph fill colour, line cursor margin, label margin, left text margin, line


Application Framework : A window whose contents are backed up never becomes invalid, and therefore never needs to be redrawn except at application request.


Basic Application Framework Library.

See also: Engine Utilities


Printing : Horizontal portions of a page whose height depends on the size of the memory buffer of the printer device in use.

See also: printer device

base year

Application Engines : In an anniversary entry, this allows the application to display a number of years between the base year and the current anniversary.

based-on link

Text Content : A pointer to the format layer whose attributes are inherited by another layer. To find out a character or paragraph's effective formatting, all based-on links must be examined, beginning at the format layer upon which all other layers are based.

See also: format layer, effective format


The baseline of a character is the notional line that splits the descent of a character from its ascent (see Character cell metrics (ascent, descent, height and baseline)).

See also: character cell ascent, character cell descent

baseline offset

The perpendicular distance from the baseline of a font to another parallel line, such as the underline, strikethrough, superscript or subscript position (see Underlining and baseline offsets).

See also: baseline

bdf file

Binary distribution format - used in font definition files.

See also: Fontcomp


A telephone network used to carry a call.

bearer name

The type of data service, e.g. Asynchronous, or Synchronous.


Bit error rate.

binary mode

When a file is open in binary mode, the data bytes in the file are read and written without any intervention by the file system.

See also: text mode


The EPOC screen and bitmap-specific graphics drawing component.

See also: bitmap


Provides the pixel patterns used by pictures, icons and masks, sprites and brush styles for filling areas of the display.

See also: mbm

bitmap converter tool

Converts bitmaps between MS Windows to Symbian bitmap format and vice versa.

See also: multi-bitmap file format

bitmap mask

A bitmap whose pixels are used to hinder or allow the individual pixels of another bitmap to be written to a graphics device.

See also: icon, bitmap

bitmap primitive

A graphics operation to draw a bitmap.

See also: graphics operation, bitmap

bldmake tool

Processes the component description file (bld.inf) in the current directory and generates the batch file abld.bat and several build batch makefiles (.make.abld) can then use the makefiles to carry out the various stages of building the component.

See also: abld.bat batch file


Block transfer copy of pixel data from memory to a graphics device.

See also: stretch blit


Refers to a short-range radio technology used to simplify communications among Net devices and between devices on the Internet. It also simplifies data synchronisation between Net devices and other comuters.


Converts bitmaps between Windows and EPOC formats.

bmp file

Extension for a Windows bitmap file.

See also: windows bitmap


The brush is used, in basic graphics functions, for filling areas drawn with the shape primitives, and also for text background fills.

See also: pen, graphics context, brush attribute

brush attribute

Brush attributes, in basic graphics functions, are: brush colour, brush origin, brush style.

See also: brush, brush origin, brush style

brush colour

The colour which the brush uses for fills.

See also: brush attribute

brush origin

The point at which the top left corner of the pattern reference tile is positioned.

See also: brush attribute

brush style

The style with which the brush fills fillables. This may be null, solid colour, a built-in pattern or a bitmap pattern.

See also: brush attribute

buffer position

The position of a byte within a segmented or flat buffer: bytes are numbered from zero, and the address of the byte indexed by a given buffer position is calculated each time the buffer is accessed.

See also: flat buffer, segmented buffer

built-in type

Data types which are part of the C++ language; e.g. unsigned int, unsigned char etc.

button bar

In Quartz, an application view can display a button bar at the bottom of the application space. It provides quick access to commonly used app functionality.

button co-ordinator

An object which co-ordinates the behaviour of a group of option buttons. It keeps track of the current chosen option button.

See also: option button