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C function

In EPOC, this refers to a function with a trailing C in its name (more normally with a trailing LC), e.g. NewLC(): such functions place a pointer to the object being worked upon onto the cleanup stack.

See also: leave, cleanup stack


A specific communication on a line. See RCall.

See also: call capabilities, call status, call ownership

call capabilities

Includes ability to support data, fax or voice calls, and the valid actions, e.g. to hang up.

See also: call

call ownership

When an ETel client makes or answers a call, it is said to have ownership of that call. Only the client with ownership may terminate the call or gain control of the underlying communications channel. All other clients may just monitor the call and view its state.

See also: call

call status

The status of a call, e.g. dialling, idle, connection etc.

See also: call

cancel function

A function provided by an asynchronous service provider to cancel a service that has been requested.

See also: asynchronous service provider, request function, active object


An application's caption is the text (typically the application's name) displayed below its icon.

See also: application, icon, application information file


In Quartz, applications can organise data, such as entries in Agenda, into groups, called categories. The application can then do such things as filtering its view to show only the items for a particular category. The available categories are specific to each application.

cell identity code

The unique identifier for a particular cell in a mobile network.


A pubic key together with some information that is collectively signed with a private key.

certificate authority (CA)

A trusted third-party organisation or company that issues digital certificates used to create digital signatures and public-private key pairs.

Certificate generator

Used to create a certificate request file, which is sent to a certification authority.

CF Card

Compact Flash card. A storage medium for mobile devices.


Confirmation to Receive. A digital response confirming that the entire pre-message procedure for receiving a fax has been completed, and that message transmissions may commence.


The smallest recognised unit in the EPOC text model. Not always visible as text on the screen. For instance, includes page and line breaks, paragraph delimiters and picture characters.

See also: word, paragraph, picture character, paragraph delimiter

character cell

The rectangular array of pixels that wholly contains the shape of a character in a font (see character metrics).

See also: character cell metrics

character cell metrics

See also: character cell ascent, character cell descent, character cell height and character cell baseline

character cell ascent

The number of pixels from the top of a character cell to the baseline.

See also: character cell, baseline

character cell descent

The number of pixels from the baseline to the bottom of a character cell.

See also: character cell, baseline

character cell height

The height of a character cell in a font definition, in pixels.

See also: character cell

character editor

A control which supports editing a single character.

character format attribute

Describes the appearance of characters; for instance font, font style and font size.

See also: format attribute

character format layer

A format layer specifying character format attributes.

See also: character, format layer, character format attribute

character justification

Full justification of text by adjusting the gaps between characters.

See also: word justification, justification

charge card

A pre-paid phone card.

check box

A control which may be used to toggle an application state.

See also: option button


A Message Server entry that belongs to another entry: for example, a message is a child of its folder.


Calling Subscriber Identification. Optional signal indicates that the following frame is an identification of the calling station. Used to provide additional security to fax procedure.

See also: CSI


Supplies additional UI APIs customised for Crystal. It is a layer over the functionality provided by Uikon.


The process of cleaning up after an exception or an error has occurred.

See also: leave, exception, cleanup stack

cleanup stack

The stack of partially constructed items maintained by CleanupStack::PushL() and CleanupStack::Pop(), which will be cleaned up, should a leave occur.

See also: Cleanup, trap harness, leave


A program which requests services from another program.

See also: server, asynchronous request

client interface function

A member function in a client-side session (or subsession) class which implement a specific message request to the server, using an opcode.

See also: client-side session, subsession, opcode

client subsession

The representation of a subsession in the client program. A client subsession has a corresponding subsession object in the server program.

See also: subsession, subsession object

Client-side MTM

A component that provides functions to a client for manipulation of message data for a particular messaging protocol.

client-side session

The representation of a session in the client.

See also: session


A temporary stream store used to store text/pictures. Used in copying, cutting and pasting text.

clipping region

The region to which graphics primitives are clipped.

See also: region

clock alarm

Clock alarms are managed by the server and are accessible to end users through the Time application. The 8 clock alarms can be set by any session. However, once set, they are independent of the setting application.

See also: timed alarm, untimed alarm, orphan alarm, snoozed alarm, session alarm

code section

A contiguous collection of character definitions covering part of the total character code range.


The removal of differences between characters that are deemed unimportant for the purposes of ordering characters into their collating sequence.


In DBMS, this is considered to be a named member of a row.

See also: row, table

column set

A set of column definitions describing the structure of a table or rowset.

See also: table, rowset, column


A user operation or action on a device's screen that has a meaning to an application. Eikon commands are invoked using the toolbar, toolband, menu bar or hotkeys.

See also: user interface, application, hotkey, menu bar, toolband, toolbar

command button

A control which may be used to initiate a command in an application or to toggle an application state.

See also: latching command button


Complete a transaction and ensure that all changes to the database are permanent.

See also: transaction, rollback


Information centric products with voice capability.

See also: Crystal


Part of a path, which indicates either a directory or a file.

See also: path

component control

A control contained by a compound control.

See also: control, compound control

composition text

The text currently being composed by the user in a front-end processor.

See also: Front End Processor

compound control

A control which contains other controls. These controls are its components.

See also: control, component control

compound identifier

A set of three UIDs which, in combination, identify an EPOC object; encapsulated by a TUidType.

See also: UID type


Used to describe a class which implements the behaviour defined by an abstract class.

See also: abstract

concrete control

A class that is derived from CCoeControl and can be instantiated.


Control Enviroment

See also: control environment

connection element

A flag used by ETel to specify whether or not RLP is used.

See also: RLP


Includes PC synchronisation and file transfer and Infrared beaming.

contact database

A database of contact items.

See also: contact item

contact group

A contact item that holds a set of associated contact cards or own cards.

See also: contact item, own card

contact item

Contains the details for a single contact.

contact item id

Uniquely identifies a contact item.

See also: contact item

Contacts Shared UI

An API introduced in Quartz v6.0 which gives applications shared access to the Contacts database via two dialogs: the Contacts Shared UI list dialog and the Contacts Shared UI find dialog.

container control

A compound control.

See also: compound control

content type

Specifies a field's type, and optionally a vCard property to which the field type maps.

See also: field type, vCard


The entry with which a Client-side MTM or User Interface MTM is currently working.

context switch

A context switch is a switch in execution between one thread/process and another.

context sensitive help (CS help)

Provides users with the specific help topic for the context in which they have a problem. CS help files are generated using the CS Help compiler, which replaces the Aleppo help authoring tool used in releases proir to an including ER5.


A rectangular area of the screen that may respond to user input events.

See also: window, control environment

control environment

Provides an active-object interface to the window server's asynchronous services, and provides framework for controls and app UI.

See also: window server, control, app UI

control factory identifier

A value that identifies a particular control class to a factory object which can instantiate objects of that class.

control observer

A mixin protocol that allows a control to send events to another control.

See also: mixin protocol


How the user changes the state of, or provides input to, a system.

See also: MVC


Code page 1252. The code page for the windows variant of the Latin1 character set.

critical section

A Kernel object used to serialise access to a resource which may only be shared between the threads within a process. Access to the critical section is through an RCriticalSection handle.


Eliminate unwanted portions of a picture when it is output. Cropping is done according to a set of margins.

See also: picture, scale, margins


Command Repeat Procedure. This optional response indicates that the previous command was received by the fax machine in error, and should be repeated in its entirety.

See also: certificate, certification authrity,digital certificate, digital signature, public/private key pair


Public Key and Asymmetric - Public-key cryptography uses a pair of keys, one that is designated the private key and kept secret, the other key is called the public key and is generally made available. Information encrypted using one key can only be decrypted using the other, and vice versa. The implication of this is that if a message can be decrypted using the public key, then it must have been sent from the owner of the private key.


Name for Symbian's half-VGA screen size, keyboard-based, communicator reference design.

CS help compiler

Builds help files from the command line, using information defined in a project file, rtf source file or files, and an optional customisation file. The compiler also generates a C++ header file containing literal descriptors for each context - which can be used to provide a link to the appropriate help topic from an application.


Called Subscriber Identification. Optional signal used to provide the specific identity of the called subscriber by its international telephone number.

See also: CIG


Communications server.

See also: CSY module

CSY module

Plug-in communications server module.

See also: CSY


Clear To Send. An RS232 input line that is taken as an indication that it is safe for us to transmit data when high.

See also: RS232

current file position

The position at which the next file read or write operation will start, or from which relative seek operations take effect.


DBMS : Part of a rowset object that maintains the current position within the rowset.


Text Views : A document position that functions as the insertion point if there is no selection. If there is a selection, the cursor is the end of the selection which may be extended.

See also: text document, text view, selection, anchorrowset

customisation file

The Aleppo customisation file controls the appearance of the generated database.

See also: order file, project file