Symbian Developer Library


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A handle is a way of identifying an object that is owned or managed by another thread or process.


A client's representation of an object managed by the server.

See also: object


In the context of asynchronous programming, the function that handles the completion of a request.

See also: asynchronous request

hard hyphen

A hyphen at which line wrapping cannot occur. It ensures that the enclosing word remains on the same line should a line break be required anywhere within the word. In this case, the word is moved to the next line.

See also: soft hyphen

hard space

A space at which line wrapping cannot take place. It ensures that the enclosing characters or words remain on the same line. Should a line break be required anywhere within the group of characters or words, they are moved to the next line.


This is a small, fixed length value generated by a function that has the property that different values for the data result in different hash values. The hash is encrypted using a private key to create the digital signature.


The manufacturer that first defined the Standard AT Command Set for modems.

See also: Hayes TSY

Hayes TSY

The ETel TSY that supports Hayes modem commands.

See also: Hayes


Text repeated at the top of every printed page.

See also: footer

help authoring

Process of generating a help database. In EPOC this process is implemented using Aleppo.

See also: Aleppo


A file or directory attribute. Assigned to files or directories that should not normally be visible to the user.

See also: attribute

hidden capability

If hidden, applications run in the background.

See also: application capabilities, application information file

high water mark

In the context of serial communications, when this point is passed in a receive buffer, a flow control suspend event is triggered.

See also: XOFF

home city

The current location of the user. It is used to set variables such as UTC offset and summer time zones.

See also: default country, UTC

home time

The date and time taking into account both daylight saving if in effect and the current time zone's offset from Universal time.

See also: universal time, local time

horizontal option button list

A concrete control that contains a number of option buttons arranged horizontally. It is used to toggle mutually exclusive application states.

See also: option button


A key press combination that sends a command — usually this is to provide a short-cut to a menu option (e.g., ctrl+S for File | Save).

See also: command

hotkey table

A table maintained by the EIKON framework for each application. It contains a list of all hotkeys, together with the commands they invoke, as defined in the application resource file.

See also: application resource file


The part of a line which should be positioned at a specified height.

See also: line

HWR Framework

Hand writing Recognition Framework. Quartz allows different handwriting recognisers to be plugged in to a general framework for use.