Symbian Developer Library


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In the context of application information files, icons represent applications when embedded, or when they are shown on the extras bar or system shell.

In the context of the GDI, an icon is a bitmap (and mask) which is drawable and selectable. Icons are commonly used as visual representations of commands, data, and applications.

See also: bitmap, bitmap maskapplication information file,

iconic door

A visual representation of an embedded object which displays an icon representing the embedded object.

See also: door, glass door


Unique 32-bit identifier for window group.

identity certificates

The certificates used for secure software installation are known as 'Identity Certificates', in which the information supplied with certificate is a name identifying the public key's owner.


International Mobile Station Equipment Identification — a phone serial number.


Within the context of an application program, to use a function or data defined in a DLL.

See also: DLL, export

import library

A static library which an application program uses at link time, to resolve references to symbols defined in a corresponding DLL. Information from this library concerning the location of export functions in the DLL is included in the application's executable file.

See also: DLL, export, static library

important effect

Style which indicates to Aleppo that the marked text must be preceded by the graphic or text for an important event in the output database.

See also: note effect, tip effect, customisation file

incremental matcher

A class which supports incremental matching of a pattern against a set of stored strings.

incremental operation

A potentially long-running database function that is broken into smaller steps, enabling applications to remain responsive.

See also: database


See incremental operation.

See also: incremental operation


In the context of DBMS, an ordering of one or more columns (the key) from a table in a database.

The Message Server Index records state and generic message header information for every entry.

See also: key, database, table

Infrared beaming

The exchange of data on infrared system.


An agenda entry may be stored inline or out of line. Inline means that the entry's rich text object is stored in the same stream as the entry.

See also: out of line

input frame

A Ckon utility control that holds another control and an icon.

installation file

Symbian installation file for simplifying installation.

See also: installation file generator

installation file generator

Creates a digitally signed installation file using the public/private key pair.

See also: installation file

integer editor

A concrete control which supports editing an integer value.

integer range editor

A concrete control which supports editing an integer range value. Has two fields; the second may not be smaller than the first.


Of a class: synonym for mixin protocol.

See also: mixin protocol


The process of reading data from a stream and assigning the data to an object or constructing an object from the data.

international dialling prefix

The country dependent dialling prefix used to make an international call, e.g. the prefix is 00 in the UK.

See also: national dialling code, national dialling prefix


An area of a window is invalid if the window server knows that its content was not drawn by the application. Applications may also invalidate parts of their own windows.

See also: window, redraw


Inter process communication. Communication across thread and process boundaries. Used by EPOC servers.

See also: server


Infra Red Data Association. This body sets the standards used in infra-red communications.


Infrared Object Exchange protocol used to exchange vCards and vCals.


Interworking Function. This is the interface between the GSM PLMN and an outside network such as the PSTN.

See also: PLMN, PSTN