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The filename of the resource compiler.

See also: Eikrs, resource compiler


A file or directory attribute. Indicates that the file or directory cannot be modified or deleted, but a read-only directory may have its contents modified or deleted.

See also: attribute

read-only data file

When used in the context of the world server, the term read-only file refers to the file used as the main source for the world database arrays. It is usually stored in ROM, but may be overwritten by a file in RAM — C:\System\Localization\Wld_Data.dbz.

real name

The name used to store a file on disk. For some file systems, this may not be the same as the name used by most file system calls.


A rectangle specified in terms of its top-left corner and the co-ordinate below and to the right of its bottom-right corner.

See also: point, size, region


Part or all of a window must be redrawn if either the window server causes it to be invalidated, or the application model changes, requiring an update.

See also: window, invalid

redraw event

An event from the window server indicating that part of a window must be redrawn.

See also: redraw, window server

reference city

Searches for the city nearest to a specified map co-ordinate are always started from a reference city.

reference designs

Generic implementations of the Symbian platform, specialised for particular form factors and use cases. Reference designs are developed in cooperation with lead licensees, and thereafter are licensed more widely.


A region used, for example, in clipping or maintaining the invalid region of a window. Implemented as a list of rectangles.

See also: rectangle, window

registered alarm

A CAgnAlarm object that handles the interface between the agenda model and the alarm server.


A Message Server abstraction that provides facilities to locate and load particular MTM components.

remote file system

A file system that mediates access to files that are remote from the machine (perhaps linked by a network), and which may not use native machine formats. The remote file system is responsible for translating the non-native format into the correct form required for all F32 API calls. Must be an installable file system.

See also: file system

repeat details

The definition of the dates on which a repeating entry occurs, made up of a repeat algorithm and exceptions.

See also: repeating entry

repeating entry

An agenda entry which has its repeat details set.

See also: repeat details

request function

A function provided by an asynchronous service provider to initiate an asynchronous service.

Requests are indicated by function calls with a TRequestStatus reference parameter.

See also: asynchronous service provider, cancel function

request semaphore

A semaphore created when a thread is created and is used to indicate the completion of an asynchronous request; the request status is used to distinguish between different requests.

See also: asynchronous request, request status, semaphore

request status

An object that indicates the completion status of a request.

See also: Asynchronous request


File that must be present, e.g. DLL, for an application to run.

See also: Makesis

residual stub file

Remains of installation file (sis file) stored in system directory to prevent over-writing and assist in application removal.

See also: sis file, Makesis


Data defined in a resource file, externally to a program. The resource file contains language-dependent string text and specifications of user interface elements.

See also: resource file, resource compiler, Rcomp

resource compiler

A tool for creating a resource file from text input.

See also: resource, Rcomp

resource file

The file containing the resources for a particular program.

resource header file

A file containing a definition of all the resources used by a particular control. It can be #included in a resource file and has the extension .rh.

See also: Rcomp, Eikrs, resource file, resource

review alarm

Alarms that are set to activate at some time in the past.

E.g. alarms set in Agenda for a time prior to the current time, alarms which have been moved into the past by the change to daylight saving time, etc.

See also: Timed alarm, untimed alarm, orphan alarm, clock alarm, snoozed alarm

rich text

Editable text with character and paragraph format attributes that may be different for each character and paragraph of the text object.

See also: editable text, text object, format attribute, picture

rich text object

A text object containing rich text.

See also: rich text, text object

right adjust

The number of pixels to move after displaying a character.

See also: left adjust


Radio Link Protocol. A protocol used over the air interface.


Ring Indicate. An RS232 input line that is generally held high by a modem while the telephone is ringing.

See also: RS232


Undoing a change in such a way that the net effect is that no change in the state of an application or its data can be perceived.

In the context of DBMS, this means to abandon a transaction and restore the previous state of the database.

In the context of exception handling, this is normally a requirement of cleanup after an exception has occurred.

See also: transaction, commit, leave, cleanup

ROM file system

The ROM contains files which may be read and executed in place, but not written.

See also: file system

root folder

A folder name selector will display all folders beneath this folder.

See also: folder name selector

root stream

A stream in a persistent store from which all other streams within that store can be found.

See also: stream id, UID

root stream dictionary

The stream dictionary stored in the root stream of a document: each entry in the dictionary is a main stream of the document's data.

See also: document head stream, stream dictionary, root stream


Data from a database; described by a column set.

See also: database, rowset, column set


A set of rows returned by a database, as a result of an SQL query or opening a table.

See also: row, database, SQL, table, cursor


This is the standard for serial data transmission using cables, normally carrying between ±5V and ±12V on both data and control signal lines.

rtf source file

Contains text, conveyed in styled markup, for a help file. This includes the category (application) name, help file UID and the topic titles, context terms, synonyms, index terms, and body text.

See also: CS help compiler


Request To Send. An RS232 output line that can be held high to indicate we are able to receive data.

See also: RS232