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How to obtain UIDs

Because UIDs are fundamental to EPOC, it is important that they are used correctly when developing programs. To ensure uniqueness, it is essential that UIDs are properly allocated. Uniqueness is guaranteed by managing allocation centrally from a single database. All UIDs must therefore be assigned to users by a central allocating authority. The only exception to this rule is a reserved range of values which may be used as UIDs by developers during development but which must not be used in released software.

UIDs reserved range for development only

During development, temporary UIDs may be chosen from the range 0x01000000 to 0x0fffffff. Care must still be taken to avoid clashes within development teams and between multiple projects, including old projects which may still be installed on the Emulator or native platforms. UID clashes may stop a program from loading correctly, typically leading to Not Found errors.

Requesting UIDs from Symbian

Developers can request UIDs either individually or in pre-allocated blocks, by e-mail to For more information, see the Symbian Developer Network web site at