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Documentation History


This topic summarises the publication history of Symbian's system documentation.


Version 6.1

This release of the Symbian Developer Library, supporting Symbian OS v6.1, was published in Q1 2002. Key features include:

A beta release of this Developer Library was published in Q4 2001. Beta versions of v6.1 documentation supporting mediaphone devices (codename Quartz) were published in Q3 2001.


Version 6.0

C++ and Java Developer Library editions for Symbian OS v6.0 published in Q2, 2001, supporting common and GUI specific APIs in mediaphone and communicator (codename Crystal) device platforms. Key features of the Quartz and Crystal editions include:


Version 5

Version 5 documentation included in SDKs (C++, Java, OPL, Connectivity) in June 1999. The main changes relative to previous documentation releases were: inclusion of v5 supplement documenting key new APIs; tools documentation updates; introduction of release level tagging to identify features as introduced in versions 3, 4 or 5. Technical Papers were included. Both HTML and compiled HTMLHelp formats were released.

Additional v5 documentation distributed on a supplementary CD at the US Developers Conference February 2000.


Version 4

No C++ documentation or SDKs were released to explicitly support v4.


Version 3

C++ documentation supporting v3 included as an HTML document set in the C++ SDK release 1.0 from Psion Software plc in June 1997.

C++ SDK release 2.0, released by Psion Software plc in February 1998, provided more comprehensive documentation and examples, including Boss puzzle tutorial program.

C++ SDK release 2.1 was released by Symbian Ltd in June 1998. Documentation was published in both HTML and compiled HTMLHelp formats.

In January 1999, Standard and Evaluation editions of v3 C++ SDKs were made available again (after a 6 month delay). Documentation changes relative to the 2.1 SDK release were minor. Both HTML and compiled HTMLHelp formats were released.