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Release Notes


These release notes provide detailed information about the Developer Library v6.1 release including new features, as well as known issues, defects and omissions at publication time (Q2, 2002).


New in this edition


This C++ edition of the Developer Library updates previous releases, and is intended to support all developers writing C++ programs for Symbian OS v6.1. It documents the APIs and technologies common to all Symbian OS phones based on v6.1, including changes from v6.0.

New content

Major new content introduced in this release includes:


New in v6.0 editions

New content

Major new content introduced in v6.0 Developer Library editions included:

New structure

The Developer Library was significantly restructured for v6.0, with many minor changes made to improve clarity, accuracy, and usability.


API Reference omissions

The following APIs, listed by subsystem, are public and intended for use by developers but are currently not documented in the API Reference. Full details are provided in the topic Omitted APIs.

Application Engines


Application Services

Task Scheduler.


Fax Client MTM, IMAP4 Client MTM, SMS Client MTM, SMTP Client MTM.


Plug In File Systems


Known issues

The following issues affect the content of the Developer Library 6.1 edition at publication date, Q2 2002:

Example code referred to in the documentation may not be present on all SDKs. This includes the Hello World example described in Developer's Guide, Hands On, and the examples used in the Context Sensitive Help Guide and the Installation Guide, both located in the Tools and Utilities section. See Symbian's Developer Network website for example code downloads.

In some parts of the Developer Library, Symbian OS is referred to as EPOC. Also, Symbian OS versions may be referred to using terminology that is now deprecated. For instance, EPOC Release 5 or ER5 refers to Symbian OS v5. ER5U or ER5.1 both refer to Symbian OS v5.1.

The following tools, documented in the Tools And Utilities section may not be present on all SDKs: the command line CSHelp compiler, the CSHelp Compiler GUI, the Application Development Wizard (MEAD) and the Menu Builder.

The documentation of the font compiler, fnttran.exe is incorrect for Symbian OS v5.1 and onwards.

There are occurrences of the macro _L in code fragments in the documentation. This usage is now deprecated in all but a few exceptional cases, and should be replaced by the use of _LIT and explicit constants.